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Fraser Yachts teams up with The DJ Dispensary to bring a brand new music experience to the deck of your superyacht. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, The DJ Dispensary promises to meet yachts anywhere and take discerning travellers on a ground-breaking luxury experience of both travel and music.


The DJ Dispensary Yacht Edition will be an all year round add-on package available exclusively to Fraser Yachts clients. The offer includes two private DJ Tutors and a personal Retreat Manager who will meet you on your yacht for master classes where you’ll learn how to work the decks, mix music and wow the crowd. As the sun sets, the DJ Dispensary comes into their own, whether you’re looking for an exclusive DJ set from The DJ Dispensary’s tutors including head honcho Matty Wainwright, or in search of a set from your favourite international DJ, The DJ Dispensary will provide the right chemistry to make the end of the first day unforgettable.


On the final day, you can showcase your personal set to family and friends on board and if you can’t wait to show off your skills to those overseas, a ‘live’ stream will be included to make sure that absolutely no one misses out. This unique yachting retreat will not only be an amazing memory, but a way to ensure that you and your friends never go without an incredible DJ set ever again.


The DJ Dispensary is the first business to specialise in DJ retreats in some of the world’s hottest destinations. Now combined with Fraser Yachts and their flawless reputation of outstanding service with unforgettable grandeur and excellence, the DJ Dispensary Yacht Edition is acutely niche, and a once in a lifetime experience.


Clients wishing to book The DJ Dispensary for their own private yacht retreat should contact Fraser Yachts directly for further information and pricing. WWW.FRASERYACHTS.COM

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