You can learn how to DJ at one of our DJ Retreats, in some of the The World’s hottest places. DJ in style!
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Leveraging on its reputation as the world’s first DJ retreat, The DJ Dispensary is bringing our world renowned experience to the discerning corporate world with our unique Team Building Sessions.


In collaboration with your organisation, The DJ Dispensary provides an interactive, fun and creative team building session with a twist!


Infusing music, teamwork and light-hearted competition seamlessly with the core values of your brand, this fully immersive experience takes our guests out of their comfort zone, bringing out the best in individuals and teams alike.


Bringing a much needed dash of edginess to many team building programmes currently on offer, we evoke a mix of glamour, mystery and modernity into the session.


We offer 1 day masterclasses and extended 2 day retreats with a closing party where the decks are turned over to our guests.


The DJ Dispensary team building sessions are the ideal way to encourage a positive team spirit and enhance support levels within the group as each member of the team is faced with equal challenges. There is ample time between each one on one lesson for guests to take part in more business focused groups, or venue led activities such as cocktail making.


Each member of the group takes away a new skill and better understanding of the workings of a DJ. But perhaps more importantly increased confidence that comes from standing in front of a crowd and performing, with an increased team bond born from the pursuit to be crowned victorious in the final DJ Battle!


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