DJ Dispensary | DJD PRIVÉ
You can learn how to DJ at one of our DJ Retreats, in some of the The World’s hottest places. DJ in style!
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Leveraging on its reputation as the world’s first DJ retreat, The DJ Dispensary is bringing our world renowned experience & ultimate luxury resort guest experience to the private chambers of a discerning few.


The DJ Dispensary Privé offers our guests the opportunity to host their very own retreat and closing party in the privacy of their luxury yachts, homes, villas, at private events or even on private jets.


The DJ Dispensary Privé host our 2/3 day retreats at your convenience or ‘pop up’ at a private event/showcase as an ‘alternate’ guest experience with our 2-hour long intense masterclass.


Armed with bespoke merchandise and a black book of the who’s who in the DJ world, The DJ Dispensary Privé is your one-stop ‘accessory’ for that great standout experience.



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