You can learn how to DJ at one of our DJ Retreats, in some of the The World’s hottest places. DJ in style!
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DJ Viviana Collazos – W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Puerto Rico. October 2015

DJ Viviana Collazos @ W Retreat & Spa . Vieques Island . October 2015 by Thedjdispensary on Mixcloud

DJs Francis H Aparccio & Miguel Figueroa – W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Puerto Rico. October 2015

DJs Francis H Aparicio & Miguel Figueroa @ W Retreat & Spa . Vieques Island . October 2015 by Thedjdispensary on Mixcloud

DJ Marjorie Korn – W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Puerto Rico. October 2015

DJ Marjorie Korn @ W Retreat & Spa . Vieques Island . October 2015 by Thedjdispensary on Mixcloud

DJ Melissa Giannini – W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Puerto Rico. October 2015

DJ Melissa Giannini @ W Retreat & Spa . Vieques Island . October 2015 by Thedjdispensary on Mixcloud

DJ Maxwell Williams – W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Puerto Rico. October 2015

DJ Maxwell Williams @ W Retreat & Spa . Vieques Island . October 2015 by Thedjdispensary on Mixcloud

“When I first looked at the mixer and CDJ’s it reminded me of the cockpit panel of a Boeing 747. But Matty made learning easy and a lot of fun, and I can’t believe that I was able to hold my own and play a club set at the end of day three. My friends are amazed that someone as un-hip as me could actually do something so cool!”

DJ Will ‘Bombay Mix’ Hide – 80s Mix WINK, Vivanta By Taj Mumbai. October 2014

“Thanks Matty for making it simple and easy. I learned a lot in a very short time. Hope to see you again in India very soon!”

DJ Dinesh Dhanasingh –  BLEND, Clubhouse By Taj Chennai. October 2014

“Hi Matty, I have been feeling so great after the session with you guys. You and Farah are awesome. You mentioned that the main intention of The Dj Dispensary is to spread the awareness and love for music. And you guys are doing a great job at that.
The best part is that you guys are so authentic. I will surely do another retreat with you very soon. Want to write so much more. But mind is full of thoughts right now.”

DJ Harish Iyyer –  BLEND, Clubhouse By Taj Chennai. October 2014

“After spending just 1 day in the DJD Sound-Lab in Hyderabad, these 7 guests produced a continuous mega-mix over 90 minutes long.
3 tracks each, back to back, one after each other. Well done guys!”
DJ Dispensary – Panache Students Megamix – Vivanta By Taj Hyderabad June 2014

“Highly recommend the ‘DJ Dispensary’ for aspiring DJ’s, hobbyists and curious music enthusiasts wanting to try a ‘hands on’ look into the popular DJ culture happening for sometime now. Even with more than a decade of professional experience each, they were very down to earth in  teaching me patiently, the basics of DJ’ing skills, and the goal of performing, by enhancing the crowd mood and ambiance. They personalized the classes based on my future plans of custom mixing my music collection based on my life experiences, and were very responsive to my individual needs. They guided me on how and where to acquire the most capable music processing software tools, and also provided me with a starter music samples.
I was looking to ‘jumpstart’ my slumping midlife musical energy, and sure they administered me with an effective professional grade shot of ‘DJFix’ from their dispensary! Kudos!”
DJ Natraj Ramalingam – Vivanta By Taj Chennai, January 2014

“It was wonderful working with The DJ Dispensary at Vivanta Gurgaon. The guys were awesome and really encouraging. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with an interest in DJing or just music lovers in general! A big thumbs up from me!”
DJ Munish Duggal – Vivanta By Taj Gurgaon, January 2014

“I cannot recommend the DJ Dispensary highly enough. In just five days, they took me from a technological and musical incompetent and somehow transformed me into a fully functioning DJ. Not only did I learn a new skill, but I also had an enormous amount of fun and made some friends for life. These boys rock.”
DJ Jonathan Thompson, Conde Nast Traveller, UK – NIYAMA Maldives, April 2013

“I had a great time learning to DJ. At first I was a little apprehensive given that I have never done this before; however, Matty and Stephen (my tutors) quickly put me at ease and they taught me all the basics.
My love for music coupled with the beautiful setting of the Niyama resort in the Maldives, made my vacation a memorable one!! I cant wait to find some decks so that I can practice my new hobby!!
Thanks Matty and Stephen”
DJ Gary Nazarian – NIYAMA Maldives, April 2013

“I thought learning how to DJ was going to be difficult, then when I joined DJ Dispensary 2 tutors taught us right from the very basics, so it was easy to start with and I was excited and wanted to learn more and more. Every day, I was so looking forward to attend the class.
This program is fantastic because it takes only a few hours out of the day so I could still enjoy beach, water sports and just simply relax.
At Sunset session, we could chat freely with DJs. It made me more interested about music and the history of the art .
At my last session, I played for 30 minutes at the beach bar during the sunset. At first, I was a bit nervous about it but the tutors were next to me and backed me up so I felt at ease and enjoyed the performance.
I would recommend this project for anyone who enjoys music and is interested in DJing. It is a unique experience because you are having an enjoyable holiday and also learning a new skill. Thank you very much to my tutors Matty and Stephen who made my experience memorable at Niyama Resort.”
DJ Yuri – NIYAMA Maldives, April 2013

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